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We train on VR & AR games & apps
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We train on VR & AR games & apps

We have over 46 combined years of experience in simulation technology. Our research and development team consists of scientists who shaped the mathematics behind the science of simulation. Our experience in areas such as entertainment software, which has driven the fidelity of visual simulation in all applications, is invaluable. By hiring amazing and talented people, by collaborating to meet a wide range of customers’ needs, and by continuing to research and develop our ideas, we’re improving our capabilities, our ability to invent.

Virtual Reality Games

Introduction to VR , What are various type of Virtual Reality systems. How to develop in VR game system. Equipment for VR apps and movies. Camera systems, 3D game and VR game., Tools for VR & Engine working sectors. In-class work-session for final project. Different languages for VR and AR which makes Mixed reality games. Design for Social Interaction. How to publish and make money from VR apps and games. Final project on VR and AR casual game.

Augmented Reality

Introduction to AR , What are various type of Augmented Reality systems. How to develop in AR game system. Equipment for AR apps . How you can plan for making AR based games, Basic game structures, Making of casual AR game. 3D game and AR game. Location-Based versus Marker-Based AR. AR View, Usability. Load detection. AR 3D pipeline and Debug. AR Design for Social Interaction.

Entertainment & VR Movies

Learn about virtual reality film making.Introduction to VR , How to develop in VR 360 degree movie. Equipment for VR movies. Camera systems, 3D movie and VR films. Make your own movie, publish and earn.


VR movies, games and apps.

zombie killer

Zombie Killer

VR based zombie killing game


VR car racing game

Car racing in mountains

future race

Future Race

Supercar based racing game



Use your brains to comeout from kidnappers


Superhero fighting

Fight with superhero characters


Commando fighting game


One of the early VR coders in Industry

  • arijit


    Our Humble Beginnings

    We used to code in VRML for helmet systems

  • ar

    March 2010

    An Agency is Born

    Started as one of the first VR training institute.

  • vr

    May 2012

    Transition to Full Service

    Started building headset based, cave system based apps and games

  • virtual reality

    August 2014

    Phase Two Expansion

    Trained for students using virtual class room in VR, AR and game development.

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Our Amazing Team

Yes we work with Kids too.


Anna Parker

Marketing Head


Klim Pertersen

Lead Developer

For fun and games we are really serious.

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